Book Reviews

Dee Wilson reveals what he considers to be the best reading he encountered in 2021, both fiction and non-fiction


A deep dive into the thinking of top leaders and how it led to our divisive conflict.

A large-scale study of children moving in and out of San Diego foster home care.

One professional's passionate look inside the inner world of childhood trauma. 

An important book that looks at permanent planning for children in foster care and the foster care system itself.

One man's look at the origin of our mean-spirited politics

Author offers his own viewpoint on the murky causes of WWI.

A hard look at the critical years 1917-1918

in the European theater.

Robert Caro's biography of Robert Moses is not for the politically squeamish. 

Daniel Ellsberg (yes, that Daniel Ellsberg) was actually a nuclear war planner. This is 

his story of his role in the Kennedy administration.

The U.S. "first strike" considerations are cringe-worthy to say the least.

Author looks at climate change ...

and a wholelot more

Is our culture destined to be driven by the philosophy of "never enough?"

Ancient human practice of ritual human sacrifice from several viewpoints

Reviewer almost skipped book altogether and now is glad he didn't

The specter of climate change's end game conger some horrifying images.

Stories from a 7-year-old hit like a sledgehammer.

Three years before coronavirus, book exposes dangers of killer germs

U.S. life expectancy drops as suicide and overdose expand their reach

Save the Children report shines light on how states serve their youngest citizens.

Author asserts many illnesses of the body begin in the mind.

Paul Davies continues his interesting writings on our toughest questions

Robert Putnam draws data from the past 125 years to see where we are now

Hitler and his gang made good use of drugs from methamphetamine to steroids.

Author investigates the ties between religion and racism in America.

Examination of four decades of American politics.

A shocking look at systematic police torture 

This sociological analysis left the reviewer "gobsmacked."

One woman's quest to help both horses and prisoners find peace.

Author draws parallel between income disparity and educational outcomes.


Published in January 2016 by Casey Family Programs

Examples of writing that rankles our reviewer