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All articles and book reviews are by Dee Wilson unless otherwise noted


Published in 2017 by UPBRING, a 135-year-old Texas child welfare organization.

Evidence-informed interventions and gaps in current knowledge

A previously unpublished work by Dee

Wilson, Nancy Grote and Marianne Harris.

Updated version: Evidence-informed interventions and gaps in current knowledge

Ideas for cut back on the number of children placed in multiple foster homes

(This is a lengthy PDF file)


An in-depth look at some recently published work around foster care and child welfare.

(This is a PDF file)

A review of significant research findings
regarding child maltreatment fatalities
over the last thirty years.

From the Journal of Social Services Research, 1994 (may require membership or payment to read entire article)

Inside a 20-year study into how child development is impacted by abuse and neglect.


Distinguishing mothers who keep their children from those who do not (NOTE: To view the entire article, you will need to use the Adobe Reader controls in the black bar, upper left corner of the screen.)


Published in January 2016 by Casey Family Programs


A large-scale study of children moving in and out of San Diego foster home care.

One professional's passionate look inside the inner world of childhood trauma. 

An important book that looks at permanent planning for children in foster care and the foster care system itself.

One man's look at the origin of our mean-spirited politics

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