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'Essays on Polarity: Big Bang to Human Character'

Dee Wilson's first book after a prolific writing history

Dee Wilson has published his first book.

Essays on Polarity: Big Bang to Human Character contains twenty chapters that include reviews of noteworthy books on psychology, history, sociology, social anthropology, climate change, nuclear war planning, along with fiction and biography.  


The book opens with a chapter on the philosophy of beauty titled, "Why Is the World Beautiful?" and concludes with a lengthy chapter titled," The Metaphysics of Polarity,"   which discusses the idea that polarity is the cosmic organizing principle from big bang to human character  at all scales and in every dimension, i.e., the natural world, human society and psychology. This chapter is divided into four sections: 1) cosmology 2) the biological evolution of mind 3)  social development among early humans to polarities in American society and 4) human psychology and character formation. The book advances the theme that the cosmos is an experiment, an adventure and an entertainment in polarity.

To order the new text, go here:

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