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Book Review:
Dee's compliment to the author

Disappearing Earth

Julia Phillips, 2022

(Note: This is a note from Dee to the author)

I just finished reading Disappearing Earth which is a terrific book. I might wait a few months and read it again. Initially, I was disappointed that the mystery element regarding what happened to the two girls and the investigation is so underplayed; but you do a great job of describing the many and continuing reverberations of the girls' disappearance. Your capacity to create interesting female characters from the inside out  (awareness to actions) is outstanding; men in the book, on the other hand, are described from the outside for the most part , i.e., men act and emote in behaviorally obvious ways,  but their inner lives are implied, not explored; maybe there is an exception to this generalization but I cannot immediately think of one.  In this book, I'm not sure this is even a weakness, but in future books I hope this approach to character development does not become a habit.  The last few chapters from the point when the girl's mother leaves with friends to drive to the Even festival are excruciatingly painful and memorable. I loved the ending. You demonstrated excellent judgment in how the story resolves. 


Thanks much for your memorable book.   

(Julia's response)

Dee, thank you so much for reading Disappearing Earth! I'm so glad you connected with it – that means a great deal to me. I hope you are keeping safe and healthy during these difficult times. Sending you all my very best

-- Dee Wilson

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